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Dolby Atmos Premium 2019 for Windows 10 {B4tman} Download Torrent

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Dolby Atmos Premium 2019 for Windows 10 {B4tman}
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Dolby Atmos Premium 2019 for Windows 10 {B4tman}

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Dolby Atmos is a popular surround sound format that rivals DTS: X and is found in everything from the largest commercial cinemas to the smallest home theaters. The immersion format is also used as a new way to experience music from the Beatles to Ariana Grande through both mobile phones and speakers. Although the biggest change from previous formats is the addition of high channels, Atmos soundtracks work with traditional five-speaker and subwoofer speakers () or with as many (or more) speakers as you.

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Dolby Atmos rethinks your entertainment experience

Moves the sound around you

Instead of restricting channels, sounds can be precisely positioned and moved into three-dimensional space.

Adds overhead dimensions

The new sense of height is immersed in action, creating a complete sound atmosphere and realistic depictions of objects moving overhead.

Creates breathtaking sound quality

Dolby Atmos does everything from dialogue to quiet scenes to complex action with incredible clarity, richness, detail and depth.

Creates an impressive entertainment experience

All this is combined with a sound that excites your feelings and inspires your emotions to ensure the full effect of the fun.

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